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Stark County, Ohio as many, began with the idea of linking all the existing criminal justice operating systems. A few major problems arose. Some of the systems were outdated, ready for replacement or upgrading, others were not 2000 compatible. Some of the entities in criminal justice who were under contract with vendors, faced major expenses and difficulties in retrieving their own data for conversion, or for statistical purposes. Although, most importantly, after study it was determined the cost of making all the different systems communicate and/or upgrading them, was greater than replacing them all with one new system. A new system could be much more efficient and be customly designed for each entity.

With this in mind, Phil Giavasis, the Clerk of Common Pleas Court, had just received a grant from the Office of Criminal Justice Services for electronically reporting case dispositions to B.C.I. He offered to share the grant with other Stark County criminal justice agencies and the project began to take shape. The three Clerks of Municipal Courts, the County Sheriff, the Police Chiefs Association, the Prosecutors office, Common Pleas, and all Municipal Court Judges agreed to participate. Stark County already had a Corrections and Planning Board in place and they created a sub committee to oversee the project. The following mission statement was written.

"To create one Stark County wide criminal justice computer network, for the purpose of sharing information, electronically transmitting information, and to reduce the duplication of data entries. To provide one source for warrant files, criminal histories, reporting of criminal dispositions, and the uniformity of forms generation."

Stark County is designing, writing, training, and implementing this system with their own analyst and programers. Further, five more grants have been awarded from the Office of Criminal Justice Services since the conception of the project totaling nearly 1 million dollars. The following internal individual programs are or will be included.

  1. Clerks package: Includes Criminal, Financial, Civil, Supreme Court count, all forms and optical imaging. Each Court maintains their own local server that updates a county wide central server.
  2. Court and Judges package: Includes Journal entries from the bench, scheduling, supreme court count, supervised community service, day reporting, fine and cost collections enforcement, electronically monitored house arrest and Bailiffs program.
  3. Probation and Pre Trial Services package: Includes case tracking, criminal histories, warrant checks, and lap tops for interviews of defendants. This information is shared between the two agencies and is non-public secured files.
  4. Prosecutors (Municipal and Common Pleas) package: Includes witness list, precipe and subpoena generation, statistical reporting, and case tracking.
  5. Jail and booking package: Includes county wide central data base for warrants and criminal histories. Booking of prisoners with ITN# , live scan, AFIS, and shared digital mug shots. Scheduling for court, commitment, conveyance, and release dates. Affidavit maker (uniform complaints and affidavits for all law enforcement agencies) at jail booking, clerk's office, and prosecutor's office.
  6. Law Enforcement package: Includes direct access to all Courts in Stark County via one central server. This provides law enforcement agencies immediate and accurate, warrant checks, T.P.O.'s, and criminal history information.

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